What makes it bitter?

As most poisonous compounds in nature are bitter it feels just right, to avoid this particular flavor as much as possible. So it's no surprise that sugar and milk are used to make coffee less bitter - but what for?

People need the kick or they need the kick and the romantic relationship (that moment with the hot beverage)!

Have you ever thought, why you're drinking coffee?
Team Function (caffeine) or,
Team Experience (that flavorful moment with coffee mug)?

To read more thoughts about the two camps - the romantics and the functionals, read below.
First, let's look into the historical use of coffee. Because of caffeine in the coffee bean, the earliest use of the roasted coffee has been as a stimulant to stay awake - as by Ethiopian goatherds, looking after their goats, so by Yemenese priests while practicing their prayers. Of course, the roasting tech was at way different level (kind of low-tech) those days - so burnt beans resulting in bitter beverage could be a norm. But as the brew was meant to keep the drinker awake and alert, the effect was perfectly achieved! So there it is - pure functionality!
And we still see that - many are having coffee just to stay alert, without expectations of it being delicious.
But then there are the romantics... As things have been changing all together with technological evolution, we understand the coffee preparation much better. So now most coffee lovers have found the still slightly bitter flavors actually enjoyable! In some cases, like well-made specialty coffee, it's actually truly tasty! From there the ritual of having a coffee beverage have found a way to the hearts of many.
And there they are - the romantics, the ones - ones looking for sensory experience in having a coffee cup.
What we're up to here is to remind you - Know your reasons!


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