The secret ingredient for people on the go: edible coffee

Didzis Goba is an energetic project manager who oversees the construction process of swimming pools and sauna facilities. He's also been a dedicated Coffee Pixels fan since day one. On a snowy winter's day in Riga, we sat down with Didzis to see what his typical workday looks like, how Coffee Pixels fit into his routine, and how the edible coffee bar helps keep Didzis energized.

A busy day fueled by 1 litre of coffee and Coffee Pixels


Didzis is one of those people who gets to enjoy a rather versatile workday despite working regular office hours. “Sure, there are days when I'm in the office at my desk all day. But there are also plenty of times when I'm on the road, meeting clients and overseeing the implementation of our projects. I'd say the balance is 50/50.”

On average, Didzis wakes up at 7 AM and arrives at the office at 8 AM to start a workday that ends at about 7 or 8 in the afternoon. “I must admit, if the workday has been too long…boy, sometimes I enter zombie mode.”

Interestingly, Didzis has noticed that spending time on social media platforms can have a negative effect on his energy levels:

“It's funny because I'm not even that frequent of a Facebook user and the likes - I usually just scroll through what others have posted. But the notifications still get to me. They can be quite a distraction, and you easily lose focus.”

Another, more work-related aspect that depletes Didzis' energy levels is a difficult meeting: “There are times when I step out of the conference room, and instead of being motivated and inspired, I'm completely drained.”

One of the key ingredients to keep Didzis going during his daily tasks - coffee. “I drink about 3-4 cups of black coffee with no sugar a day. Ever since I found out about edible coffee some two years ago, I also add a bar of Coffee Pixels, usually Cascara,” Didzis reveals.

“Coffee Pixels are perfect for those occasions when I'm out in meetings or checking in with project implementation on the construction sites. There's not always a chance to ask for coffee on the spot, so a bar of Coffee Pixels is what boosts my brain on the go.”

As a person who occasionally likes to cave in to his sweet tooth, Didzis also uses Coffee Pixels as a healthy substitute for snacks or chocolate bars. “It tastes similar and makes me just as happy as chocolate, but thankfully includes noticeably fewer calories,” he admits jokingly.

Hacking your way to a healthy mind and body

Surely, coffee is not the only thing that keeps Didzis going?

“No, there's definitely more to being energized than coffee,” he says. To stay healthy and focussed, Didzis tries to keep these 3 pillars of life in order:

  1. A healthy diet. Didzis includes lots of fruits and veggies into his meals and often eats rye bread for breakfast. “I also don't eat meat and fish, but that's just my personal preference,” he says.
  2. Exercise. Movement is essential to a healthy body, so Didzis exercises at least three times a week before work to kickstart his day. “I often experiment with different types of activity. Currently, I'm into indoor soccer, and I love hiking and being in the mountains whenever I can.”
  3. A positive outlook towards life. “Entering a prolonged state of anger is never a good idea, so I try to stay positive to keep my mind healthy.”

Didzis believes that there's always room for improvement, so he often tries different wellness hacks to see if they'd have a positive effect on his body and the quality of life. At the moment, Didzis' favorite health tricks are:

  • Cold showers to start the day. Cool showers in the mornings have been known to increase alertness, stimulate weight loss, and improve immunity and blood circulation among other health benefits.
  • The Wim Hof method. Created by Dutch wellness expert Wim Hof, this breathing method allows people to experience the many benefits of breathwork exercises. “In my experience, this method is a highly effective way to reach a sort of meditative state and look within yourself for self-discovery,” explains Didzis.
  • Experimenting with light. In the earlier days before electricity, the only light source available to humans in the afternoons was live fire - either burning in a candle or in the fireplace. In modern times, we're surrounded by artificial lighting and blue screens on our smartphones which affects our sleep, thus increasing the risk of depression. “That's why I surround myself by dimmed warm lights in the evenings to rewire my brain and my body into thinking that I'm trying to go to sleep,” reveals Didzis. “I also try to let in as much natural light in the mornings as possible to help me wake up.”

Coffee Pixels - a treat for modern millennials

Seeing how Didzis includes different health and wellness hacks into his daily routine, there's one important question to be asked - does Didzis consider himself a biohacker, a person who makes changes to their lifestyle to “hack” the body's biology and feel one's best?

“I wouldn't call myself that, but if there's one habit that would make me a biohacker - it's probably eating Coffee Pixels,” Didzis jokes, adding that it's not just health-conscious people after all who'd benefit from the pocket-sized bar of edible coffee.

“If you're into hiking and spending time outdoors, Coffee Pixels is definitely for you. Also, if you're the busy bee at your workplace like me, a bar of Coffee Pixels will definitely get you through the day, no matter how hectic it is.”

Didzis reveals an interesting observation. Whenever he offers a bar of Coffee Pixels to his coworkers, the male colleagues are usually more suspicious and reluctant to try it.

“I'm not sure why, but I've found that my female friends are way more excited about trying Coffee Pixels, they want to know all about it. It's a funny thing how modern women can sometimes be that much more open to exploring new ideas, trends, and stepping outside of what's familiar to them. It's endearing really.”

We're not here to judge whom Coffee Pixels are meant for. But if it's an additional boost of energy, extra mobility on the road, and major health benefits like mental focus you're after, this little superfood is definitely worth adding to your daily regimen. “And wouldn't you like to add a bit of creativity to your day? I mean - pulling out a cup of coffee right from your pocket without needing to add hot water. Who wouldn't want that?”



 This article was written by Kristine Spure, a content writer who's always on the look-out for a good book and the next best ASMR video.


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