10 holiday gift ideas for biohackers and health-conscious people in your life

Ho, ho, ho!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and guess what – you get to be the Santa again.

This title comes with a great deal of responsibility, a whole lot of planning, time management, and creative thinking, so we won't judge you if you’re set on socks, mugs and bath salts.

But if you want to go that extra mile and gift something useful and fun for the biohacker in your life, this list of 10 biohacking Christmas gift ideas is the answer.

What is biohacking?

Simply put, it’s like DIY biology. It allows you to upgrade your body, mind, and life just by simply understanding how your body works, and then modifying your habits.

Sounds great, right?

Then keep on reading and see what awesome biohacking gift ideas we've found for you.


You may end up buying these gifts for yourself, too. That's okay, we won't tell anybody. :)


Copper water bottle.

These pretty bottles are amazing because they infuse the water with copper. Now, why would that be good for you? Copper turns water alkaline, which helps balance the body’s pH levels and promote a healthy metabolism.

Another bonus - copper is a natural antibacterial and antioxidant and can help reduce the signs of aging. Two birds with one stone!

Order the Copper H2O Bottle from their store, worth the €30 ($34.50).


Muse meditation device.

Muse is a wearable brain sensing headband that provides real-time feedback on your mental activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements. The creators of Muse claim that when wearing the device, you'll be able to reach a deep relaxation state and that further helps you feel more calm and happy.

How does Muse work?

It measures your brains activity using EEG sensors. ''Your brain sends electro-signals just like your heart does, and this headband is like a heart rate monitor,'' explains Ariel Garten, the founder of Muse. ''Then, it sends that information to your computer, smartphone or tablet, that way giving you real-time feedback to teach you how to calm and settle your mind.''

You can get Muse for €219 from their online shop.


Coffee Pixels edible coffee.

Coffee Pixels is basically the wholesome version of coffee. They’re edible coffee bars that are made up of the entire coffee fruit, which encompasses the caffeine-rich bean, as well as the fiber and antioxidant-rich flesh.

What makes Coffee Pixels the ultimate biohacker must-get is the cleverly added cocoa butter in its recipe. Not only does the added fat help with antioxidant absorption, but it also slows down the caffeine absorption rate. That is, your body gets an even energy kick throughout the day. No crazy caffeine highs or lows you'd get from simply drinking coffee.

Studies have even proven that eating coffee, as opposed to drinking it, is a significantly more effective way to boost and maintain people's daily productivity.

Choose between CASCARA coffee bars, MILK coffee bars or try the MIX coffee bars, each around €15. Coffee breath’s not included!


Oura ring - sleep and activity tracker.

One ring to rule them all, and with ''them'' we mean your body signals.

The ŌURA ring is the most accurate sleep and activity tracker - it registers your body temperature readings, measures blood volume pulse and tracks your daily activities such as movement and sleep.


Well, the ring packs in a body temperature sensor, infrared LEDs, a 3D accelerometer and a gyroscope.

All the data gathered from the ring is constantly parsed to the ŌURA app. Use it to track your physical state throughout the day or learn your sleep, readiness and activity trends - all displayed in nice data visualizations.

Buy this ultimate lifestyle tracker in their shop starting at €314.


Levium stress relief supplement.

''Too blessed to be stressed'' – write this in the Christmas card that you'll be adding to the gift containing Levium Stress Relief Supplement.

It’s a supplement that provides stress relief in minutes after drinking it. As the inventor of Levium told CNET Magazine, the goal was to create a safe and all-natural supplement for anxiety reduction that had antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Here's how Levium works:

The active ingredients in the supplement allow the brain to regulate and reduce production of cortisol - your body’s stress hormone. It does that by increasing blood flow to your brain, promoting healthy neural activity.

Purchase the Levium 12-Count Sample Pack here for €35 ($39). This can also be a great buy to split into several gifts.


Charcoal toothbrush.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice set of pearly whites?

While gifting the perfect set of teeth might come across a bit, well, weird, the Charcoal Ion Toothbrush will hit the spot!

Its bristles are infused with activated charcoal that actually destroys germs on contact. This means the germs won't sit on your toothbrush waiting to be put back in your mouth the next time you brush.

Spot and buy it here for a price of €21 ($23.97).



Yes, you read that right – a HUMAN CHARGER!

It’s a bright light therapy device, which can prevent depression caused by lack of sunlight, increase mental alertness, and give you energy whenever you need it. It looks similar to an MP3 player, but instead of music, you’ll get light.

How does the Valkee HumanCharger work?

You see - our brain is spotted with photosensitive receptors, similar to those located in the retina of the eye. The Valkee HumanCharger can access these receptors thanks to the UV-free calibrated white light, which flows through ear canals and end in the light-sensitive regions of the brain. That way, the light affects the neural circuits and, as a result, you experience an increase in energy levels.

This item is currently sold for €199 and available for pre-ordering here.


SWANNIES glases.

A dream gift for those who enjoy their screen time. The Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses will help to prevent eye strain by filtering out harmful artificial light from digital devices.

It’s not a secret we like to take our phones to bed. Some may claim it helps to wear down the busy mind and avert counting sheep in bed.

But here's what actually happens when you use your phone before sleep:

The blue light emitting from your phone actually stresses out your brain and keeps you alert instead of drowsy. Now, the Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses blocks that blue light emitting from phones making sure your sleep doesn't get affected.

Put simply, there won’t be as strong of a reason to kick that nasty phone in bed habit anymore (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't!)

The gift of healthy eyes and better sleep packed together and waiting for you here for a price of €61 ($69).


SOMNIFIX® mouth strips.

Mouth for eating, nose for breathing!
These effective mouth strips are clinically proven to improve breathing and reduce snoring by encouraging nose breathing.

The issue with mouth breathing is that too much air is inhaled and exhaled, which leads to an imbalance in air exchange and stresses your body out. Besides that, Nose breathing slows and optimizes breathing, plus it acts as a filter for airborne particles in inhaled air.

Give the gift of a well-rested night’s sleep here for €19 ($21). You’ll receive a box of 28 disposable (and recyclable) strips.


ULLA hydration reminder.

This little yet powerful gadget will be your water assistant through the day.

Ulla will make sure you don’t chug 0.5l of water in one sitting to catch up with your daily water intake. Instead, the gadget will light up once in a while and remind you to have a drink. That way, you’ll have a balanced and sufficient water intake during the day.

Get your Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder here  – €30! It’s going to be hard to pick just one from all of those fun colors.


We hope this list of gift ideas for health optimization shed a light on your Christmas shopping list.

Who wouldn’t be excited about edible coffee bars that ensure you’re productive throughout the day? Or a human charger that wards off depression?

No matter which gift you choose, be sure that any biohacker will be thrilled to find it under the tree, be it your mom, brother, girlfriend, colleague, cousin or… yourself!


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