Coffee Pixels

Milk coffee bar


Milk coffee bar
Milk coffee bar Milk coffee bar Milk coffee bar

Inspired by coffee & milk beverages, Coffee Pixels Milk is for people who enjoy those sweeter moments of life. It’s the original ingredients of Coffee Pixels, combined with natural milk powder to showcase the coffee & milk synergy that many of us love so much. 

Coffee Pixels Milk is as mild and gentle as the best cappuccinos, with notes of caramel, chocolate, and nuts.

Flavor profile: Salty Caramel, nuts, milky coffee
Texture: Smooth, mild, rich
Aftertaste: Coffee, sweet

Nutritional value: serving size one bar (10g)
33mg Caffeine (equals one small espresso)
4.35g Total fat
2.71g Saturated fat
2.67g Carbohydrates
2.51g Sugars
1.56g Fiber
0.95g Protein

Each bar is made from Organic, specialty grade coffee grown in Ethiopia. It was grown in wild forests and semi-wild forests 1950-2150 meters above sea level. The coffee cherries are from Ethiopian Heirloom varietals and were de-pulped using the washed process.