Coffee Pixels




This pack contains mix of Coffee Pixels Cascara and Coffee Pixels Milk edible coffees. Suitabe for those in love with both flavors of Coffee Pixels or just willing to check whats the deal with that edible coffee after all! 

10g Bar of Coffee Pixels Cascara contains 50mg caffeine 
10g Bar of Coffee Pixels Milk contains 33mg caffeine 

These Coffee Pixel bars use coffee beans from the Agaro Region of Western Ethiopia, particularly from Biftu Gudina. It was grown in wild forests and semi-wild forests by Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union and about 700 smallholders 1950-2150 meters above sea level. The coffee cherries are from Ethiopian Heirloom varietals and were de-pulped using the washed process.

Our cascara comes from Santa Maria de Lourdes farm in San Fernando municipality, Nicaragua where the Peralta Family grows Catuai varietal coffee cherries 1350-1550 meters above sea level. It was dry processed before separating the coffee bean from the coffee fruit, resulting in a really sweet and juicy dried fruit flavor.


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