Coffee Pixels

Need a Boost?

experience an intense nutrient explosion

4 solid hours of natural energy

100% Coffee Bar - rich in antioxidants, caffeine and fiber

made with whole coffee beans, cascara and cocoa butter

it's damn delicious 

coffee pixels bar

Coffee beans
natural source of energy

We use specialty coffee only, the producers are highly-skilled workers who are paid market wages, thus, making it even better than fair-trade.

Coffee cherry
antioxidant explosion

The flesh of the coffee cherry also known as cascara is the second-highest naturally occurring antioxidant-rich food in the world, surpassed only by Dragon's Blood.

Cocoa butter
optimized nutrient delivery

Organic and healthy fat that slows the absorbance rate of caffeine, leading to a smoother ride and helps absorb antioxidants.


Coffee Pixels give you 4 solid hours of steady energy, as it's absorbed by the body more slowly.


Your coffee goes where you go - take it on a hike, on a flight, to the countryside. No setup required, just eat.


Avoid the crash that comes after drinking coffee - a smoother ride rather than a jolt and a crash.


Rich in polyphenol and flavanol antioxidants, Coffee Pixels boosts brain cell health, leading to better focus, memory and learning.


By stimulating cellular energy production, it keeps cells more vital and preserves youthfulness, cancer-fighting.


As Coffee Pixels are made with the the whole coffee cherry, the coffee bar is high in fiber and polyphenols, which are responsible for a healthy gut microbiome.

wholesome energy wherever you are

enjoy while having adventures, working, spending time outdoors, traveling, or whatever you do ... coffee pixels will lift you up when liquid is not an option!

coffee pixels

Experience the whole coffee cherry

Coffee Pixels Cascara. When Coffee Pixels Cascara is made, the whole coffee fruit is used – both, the roasted coffee beans and the coffee cherry, the flesh or skin of coffee beans, called Cascara.
Rich in Caffeine, Antioxidants and Fiber.


Mild, as coffee with milk should be

Coffee Pixels Milk. For people who love Cappuccinos, Lattes or just enjoy those sweeter moments of life. Coffee Pixels Milk was created as a reference to the coffee shop menu favorites. Its flavor fully reflects the synergy of milk and coffee, that many of us love so much. And now it's edible too!


worldwide delivery

We have been featured in


Best New Product - Coffee Pixels Cascara

– Specialty Coffee Asociation, Amsterdam 2018

Honestly it was a surprise when I opened the box expecting to find a bag of coffee ;) I think it’s super well made and well presented, the flavour is good, more generic ‘espresso’ flavour than reminding me of a cup of specialty, but not bad espresso, or bad chocolate :) a first time I’ve not been made sad by tasting something like this ;)

– Dale Harris, World Barista Champion 2017

Ales Poxposil,
"We tasted the early prototypes of Coffee Pixels at the Barista Camp Estonia in 2016 and could not wait to hear from Coffee Pixels about their progress."

– Ales Pospisil,

Best of both worlds! ☕️🍫😍

– Merijn Gijsbers, Dutch Barista Champion 2017