Coffee Pixels

Pure brain energy ⚡️

Mind boosting
Smooth kick-in
Effective and longer lasting energy
No unpleasant caffeine jitters or crash
All natural

It looks like a tiny chocolate bar but tastes very much of coffee

Let's combine my two addictions into one portable product. What could possibly go wrong? #heresmymoney

Coffee Pixels makes coffee culture more sustainable

Made from the whole coffee fruit* 🍒♻️

5 simple ingredients:
Coffee beans
Coffee cherry
Cocoa butter
Cane sugar
Himalayan salt.

*A coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant and the source for coffee. It is the pit inside the red or purple fruit often referred to as a cherry.

Delicious and ready-to-eat 🍫

Bright, fruity and complex
Black coffee, grapefruit aftertaste

Best new product

By Specialty Coffee Asociation, SCA
World of Coffee 2018, Amsterdam

Smart Caffeine

A combination of low caffeine (50mg) and cocoa butter Coffee Pixels provides longer lasting energy trough steady and full caffeine absorption. No unpleasant caffeine jitters or crash!

Brain Antioxidants

Flavonoids from coffee fruit aid in learning & memory by promoting BDNF* synthesis. BDNF, an important protein, helps to protect existing brain cells & to grow new brain cells.
[*brain-derived neurotrophic factor]

Clean Natural Fat

Cocoa butter is providing the needed energy for your brain, and helping both - nutrient delivery and absorption.

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Here's what others have to say

Perfect for travelling

I try to travel as much as possible. My destinations are mostly random choices - starting from Asia to places in Europe. And everywhere it’s hard to find good coffee. When I went vegan, it became even more difficult. Coffee Pixels are the perfect solution! They taste amazing, give me the needed energy, are easy to take with me and I don’t have to deal with coffee disappointments.


passionate traveler

Baristas' love it

Honestly it was a surprise when I opened the box expecting to find a bag of coffee ;) I think it’s super well made and well presented, the flavour is good, more generic ‘espresso’ flavour than reminding me of a cup of specialty, but not bad espresso, or bad chocolate :) a first time I’ve not been made sad by tasting something like this ;)

Dale Harris

World Barista Champion 2017

High quality product

"We tasted the early prototypes of Coffee Pixels at the Barista Camp Estonia in 2016 and could not wait to hear from Coffee Pixels about their progress."
Ales Poxposil,

Ales Pospisil

European Coffee Trip

Working and thriving

We are the Coffee Pixels team