Coffee Pixels




Coffee Pixels Cascara is made of both coffee beans and their super-fruit part, often called Cascara. With the whole coffee cherry being used, this delicious bar leaves no coffee waste from production. So it’s not just a coffee superfood for you, but also it’s environment friendly - double win!

Coffee Pixels Cascara tastes bright, fruity and complex just like the best cups of coffee. 

Flavor profile:  Dried fruit, coffee, chocolate
Texture:  Smooth, rich, juicy
Aftertaste:  Lingering, grapefruit

Each 10g pack contain one coffee bar with the total of 50mg caffeine

These Coffee Pixel bars are made from coffee grown in Ethiopia. It was grown in wild forests and semi-wild forests 1950-2150 meters above sea level. The coffee cherries are from Ethiopian Heirloom varietals and were de-pulped using the washed process.

Our cascara comes from Nicaragua. Those are Catuai, Caturra Java varietal coffee cherries grown in average 1350-1550 meters above sea level. The dry (natural) process used to separate the coffee bean from the coffee fruit, gives this cascara sweet and juicy dried fruit flavor.

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